We have a very talented and experienced team here at Nala Studios. Why not take a look at each team member below to find out a bit about them?

Annette Bates (aka NettyB)

I started to pierce in 1996, with the help of my lovely cousin, tattooist Mandie Barber. She introduced me to piercer Nigel Knight who helped me with my initial…


Chris has been at Nala since the very beginning, meeting and greeting customers and friends since 1997. As the receptionist at Nala he looks after all of the staff,…


Laura-Jayne one of our senior piercers has been with NALA since the very beginning.¬† As she is Netty;s daughter she literally has grown into the business . Starting off…


Lisa has been our piercer since 2004, initially joining us as a piercing apprentice she has now become one of our leading body piercing¬†¬† specialists. Her skills include advanced…


Sofie’s reputation in the U.K. as an award-winning artist precedes her. Before joining us in 2016 she worked at Karma Collective Tattoo Studio (Formerly known as Spear) whilst there…


Freya Downs, aka BATOPUS, is an illustrator living and working in the UK.
She is a full time sad clown, and also an actual undead vampire.
We are excited to see…


Klee our resident Rock Chick .

she is obsessed with Dinosaurs .

Loves tattooing Black graphic designs and is the Queen of Skulls


Sophie brings another dimension to the Nala team.

Introducing Nala B where she now offers eyelash extensions to make your heart flutter .

Emma Black

Emma is the newest member of the Nala Team.