We are 20 !!

Posted by Annete Bates

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Its come round so fast and we cant believe that NALA has been open 20 years this month.  What an amazing 20 years we have had . There has been some high times and some low times , people have come and gone ,some even to return.

Since opening its doors in 1997 Nala has remained a professional and well respected studio in the midlands . Initially opening as a piercing clinic then eventually introducing tattooing and stocking an extensive range of body jewellery.

Growing from day one where Annette opened her small studio in Little Church Lane , the members of staff that have joined NALA have created what we like to call the NALA family . Some have stayed , some have moved on , they have all been instrumental in the evolution of NALA.

we have homed and trained some to the best tattooists in the industry who have gone on to work in some to the most prestigious studios in the country , a few even going on to open there own studios.

Some of us have stayed !

Customers who become friends and some who just pass through once , they are all important to us , we wouldnt be here without the lovely people who have supported us.

We would like to say thankyou to you all !

Thankyou NALA peeps :

Chris, Jackie , Liz, Laura, Danny, Dawnii, Louise , Lisa ,  Russ, Maz,  Steff, Shannon, Lucy, Ellie, Kate,  Gemma , Ethan, Ellis , Hattie , Jen, Sofie , Lauren , Sam and Hollie , Klee and Katie

you have been or are still now the NALA family that has kept this flame going for the past 20 years. Who knows what the next 20 will bring.